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Doll Parts

I bought these arms and legs at the flea market in Pasadena over a year ago, not really having a plan for them. I'm thinking about making another kind of 'beast' with these prosthetics...they're just so beautifully eerie. After finding them at the flea market I scoured Ebay for similar items and I've bought a few gems (lovely porcelain legs with gold high heels) and now have a budding collection.

But now the question is: what to do with them?

While the pressure is off knitting for the time being, I really want to make something else that's a little less 'comfortable', if that makes sense. Ever since my architectural thesis I've been very interested in the notion of the 'prosthetic' and the concept of making additions to suddenly incomplete objects.

So we'll see... I have an idea that is brewing, but I'm not ready yet, so I'm letting it sit for a bit.

In the meantime I think I'm going to try to make a pair of shoes (again)!
{those who are familiar with my shoe-making escapades will find this task exasperating, but I ask them to lovingly bear with me}
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