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I've been tagged by Su Ling from laissezfaire, one of my daily reads. Eight random facts about me in exchange for finding out more about fellow lovely bloggers... delicious! While I'm in love with so many blog authors, I tag these 8:

3 day weekend
happy silly
m. patrizio (for introducing me to shoe school!)
wool & water
skinny laminx
little doodles

and I would have tagged onegirl if she hadn't just been tagged.. so this is plug for her blog and work!

so here goes, 8 random facts about me:

1. I can't sit still and need to be doing sometime all the time - knitting is a good outlet for me
2. I'm scared of water, the dark and things that live in the water and the dark
3. I prefer camembert over brie
4. If I didn't live in Los Angeles, I wouldn't own a car...ever
5. I love the color fuschia
6. Currently, I work on a construction site and am helping to build a house
7. I have lived in Johannesburg, Vancouver, Seattle, Paris, Melbourne, and now Los Angeles
8. If I could eat one dessert right now, it would be this: raspberry and lime custard tart
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