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Ten years ago I went to see Gerrit Rietveld's Schröderhuis in Utrecht. I was an architectural student at the time studying in France and took a trip up to the Netherlands in the middle of winter to see this little house. I almost froze to death, but it was worth it.

I think the most iconic images of the house are always of the exterior, but it is the interior that I remember blowing me away. The efficiency of space was inspiring.

Years later, and still mildly obsessed with the house, I purchased {of all things} a stack of trading cards of his chairs. I have absolutely no recollection of buying them, but nevertheless I have them and here are some my favorites:

1st row: zigzag chair 1934; Hogestoel 1919; Danish Chair circa 1946-50
2nd row: Beugelfauteuil 1927; Metz side chair 1928; Red/Blue Chair [but all in white] 1918

I love chairs.
And I love small houses.

The end.
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