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this morning I had a coffee at a local bakery - on the table they had one of my favorite things: ceramic yogurt jars. I think nothing tastes better than yogurt from ceramic or glass... there are some more beautiful jars here.

So... Southern California is engulfed and smoke and flames. The Santa Ana winds are here and they are reeking havoc. I normally love the winds because they are so strange and so strong, and in a region where weather is usually so consistent, the change is always welcome, but this year it is scary. Yesterday 8 fires started and grew very rapidly. Today there are 17 total fires. It's incredible... shocking.

As for me, the calendar is coming along a lot slower than I had wanted.. but it's almost there. Also, I've got some little beasts traveling to Berlin soon to participate in a little exhibition {more on that later}. I've got to get their bags packed and teach them some German so that they can get by for a while.

So much to do!
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