Debi van Zyl


After knitting and cutting paper at break-neck speeds to get ready for the Holiday Gift Bazaar {organized by Alegre of Green and Greener} I am happy to announce that I made it through safely, happily and a little wiser. My first gift fair was a great success and a lot of fun as well as a great way to meet some really amazing makers-of-all-things-wonderful!

It was also a good learning opportunity; the items I thought would do well didn't... and the ones I had thought would be hard sells practically sold out. And because I am usually buried behind a stack of paper or a mountain of yarn and am supported by a wonderful on-line, and therefore remote community, I am rarely in front and dealing with The Consumer. It was interesting to see people interacting physically with my work and asking questions .... I'm still digesting the experience and hopefully I can do it again.

I love the tree that R made for me... the beasts love it too :) I'll be uploading some more beasts throughout the week on my Etsy Shoppe.

And for now a sigh of relief and a few days of rest.
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