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I know these colors will look differently on everyone's monitor, but this is a color study of mine I did for a exhibition project a few years ago ... I found it rummaging through a stack of old papers ... I used to have it above my desk and the acid yellows and greens made me happy. I couldn't help but post about it ... this was nice to find and be inspired by it again.

Nothing like a bunch of paint chips to get you excited. These ones were from Benjamin Moore.

{left to right, and top to bottom}
hibiscus :: autum purple :: cedar green :: yellow lotus :: butter
mulberry :: celdon green :: hazy lilac :: dark burgundy :: lemon meringue
mauve blush :: pear green :: amazon soil :: stem green :: cabernet
light yellow :: provence creme :: grape green :: passion plum :: light daffodil

in another life I'd like to be a paint-color-name-decider.
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