Debi van Zyl


One deadline down, three more to go for Monday! Hence my little absence.

Keeping me sane are my wonderful birthday presents, well christened and much loved. First up: Emile Henry tajine. Now that I have cooked several meals in this, I cannot imagine how I lived with out it. Not only does it cook food oh-so-deliciously, it is also a truly beautiful object, and lucky for me, compliments everything else in my kitchen.

While washing the dishes this morning I noticed how bright and happy everything looked on the tea towel. I love red. Moreover, I love red alongside blue and yellow.... and white, and black and grey... and everything. Thank you, R... I love my tajine.

Speaking of surrounding yourself with beloved objects, I point you towards this thoughtful post on sprink.

And thank you to all for the nice birthday wishes! It was a lovely weekend indeed.
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