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A few days ago I was tagged by Janine de Waal of Fourwalls Design.

So here goes, seven little things about me:

1. I have two favorite colors: fuschia and Paynes Grey... and I only know this last color from it's paint name, but it is a wonderful dark rich blue grey. It looks like a storm cloud threatening to pour. Fuschia is happily my default color choice. When I'm stuck with something, I almost always choose fuschia to pick me up out of the rut.

2. I don't have any pets, but since I was small I've known that I will one day have three sausage dogs named Wynken, Blynken and Nod, after the children's poem. And I've always imagined them as puppies riding around me with in my bicycle basket...which I also don't have yet.

3. I have an incurable tendency to laugh when people fall over or slip. I know it's terrible and usually my laughter can distinguish between a bad fall and a funny fall, but still I can't help myself. In turn, when I fall down or slip (I'm fairly clumsy) I laugh at myself.

4. My first language was Afrikaans and English my second. But now I can barely remember any Afrikaans, except for a few things. I still have a few of my Afrikaans children's books hoping that I'll pick it up by starting to read those again.

5. One of my biggest anxieties is missing a plane. As a result I like to be at the airport hours in advance and enjoy just sitting and watching people.

6. I have good hand-eye coordination but terrible foot-eye coordination. In high school, when I joined the soccer team, after a few games the coach, in a nice way, told me he'd probably never put me out on the field again and asked if maybe I'd like to play something else. So I started playing lacrosse.

7. When I meet someone new I always think about what kind of animal they would be. I think of myself as some kind of rodent, maybe a squirrel. Or marmot... don't ask me why. It's just a feeling :)

I haven't decided who to tag next, or even if I am going to tag... that will come later.

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