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Thank you everyone!

In addition to the recent tags and lots of encouraging comments on the blog, my I love you card has been posted in a couple places (laissez faire, oh happy day) and my beasts have been posted on mstetson ... thank you for all the support! It means a great deal :)

{post script: Just after this post my work was featured on Bloesem and Contented Me! Are all my stars aligned or something?!? My Letter-gram was also on Etsy Finds, a daily email from Etsy showcasing products and gift ideas. Thank you Irene, Kristin and Anda from Etsy... I'm really feeling the love and blushing a little bit from all the attention.}

Some milestones:

365 :: yesterday was my one year anniversary on Etsy

100 :: this past Sunday was my 100th post on this blog

In my world, these are big things ... so, thank you again!
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