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I used to dislike olives, but sometime ago I willed myself to like them. Now I love them, especially with a few chilli flakes.

I took these photos this past summer, which how would sum up today's weather: mid-summer heat. Did I miss Spring? Did it get washed away with all of the recent rain we had? Next week I am going to a place that is much colder and will experience some nice sunny ice-cold days :) I have to say that I welcome the advent of Spring, but I'm just not ready for the Los Angeles summer.

The other problem is that I'm not sure I have an appropriate coat for my trip, so the hunt is on. It feels funny to shop for a good winter coat when it is 82 degrees (27 Celsius) outside ... wish me luck.

{postscript: I just realized I had already posted about these olives ... see? the heat is making my brain mushy}
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