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Our road trip was incredible. Arizona is an amazing place - huge range of topography, plant types and climates. At points we found ourselves traveling along at a comfortable 72 degrees F (22 C) and then all of sudden, a hail storm and it drops to freezing or blizzard. We went from dying of heat to dying of cold in about 3 hours, Phoenix to Flagstaff.

Then we decided to go to Grand Canyon (something I have only seen in the summer months) and I must say, winter is the time to visit this place. The snow makes it more magical, if that is possible. Unfortunately the shear number of tourists made it almost unbearable, but amongst all the bodies and cars, this National Park ceases to amaze. Next time we go it will be on longer back-packing trip, at the bottom of the canyon for days looking up at the rocks.

Anyway, we're back and I'm playing catch up and all the things to do! Thanks to everyone who have recently left comments; I wish I could just unplug the phone, pretend I was still out of town and take a look at what everyone has been up to :)
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