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I was going to post some more fire images, but decided to post one I took of our shoes left neatly outside the cabin. Late last night we were finally evacuated. We almost didn't think they wre going to. But after a day of a what looked like a pretty well contained fire, the wind picked up and without the helicopters it jumped to the ridge right behind the house. It was incredible to see, but frightening.

We weren't exactly running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to load up the cars in order to evacuate, but we weren't exactly prepared either :) It's rather surreal trying to decide what to leave behind.

The fire is still going and will do so for a few more days. Luckily no structures have been burned, and when we are allowed to go back up to the house, I expect our shoes to be sitting outside the door right where we left them.

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In other news, Anna over at sub-studio invited me for a little interview. Thanks!
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