Debi van Zyl


Every time I go out to Joshua Tree I love it more. We didn't really check the weather report before we left, thinking it would be sunny and warm, but instead we were greeted by a huge storm front. Storms out in the desert are incredible so it was simply a different kind of trip and made the scenery even more beautiful We couldn't really do all the things we wanted to, so instead of rock climbing we:

1. went to Pappy and Harriet's for a deliciously spicy Bloody Mary
2. hid in the tent while it rained and knitted and sketched
3. sat around the campfire and talked about our favorite cities
4. drove around and looked for property to buy

And while I was away, Joanna wrote a very flattering post on Cookie Magazine's blog about my little beasties... I'm blushing :) Many thanks!
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