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I wouldn't characterize myself as being very musical and up until yesterday I couldn't read a note to save my life. But I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. So yesterday I bought a guitar. Just like that: I walked into the store and bought one and walked out. Crazy.

I have been 'talking the talk' for a while now, having wanted to learn to play but never doing anything about it. And now I have no excuse. It's a relief actually.

I'm happy to report so far so good. It is hard though... for me at least; my hands and brain don't really seem wired for this, but that is what I said about knitting when I first started, so we'll see. Despite looking awfully serious, I'm really enjoying this. It's great fun to learn something new.

My repertoire includes 'Ode to Joy' and 'Jingle Bells'.... I'm sure those around me will want to strangle me pretty soon :)
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