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I have been using a lot of Letraset and other dry transfer lettering lately, and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. I adore letter transfers. The nostalgia... the imperfection... I love Letraset like I love Polaroid.

During architecture school I coveted this stuff. These days I riffle through the little metal drawers at art supply stores around town and see what lovely stock they have left. And then I find myself buying sheets of type that I know I will never use because it's too pretty... by the time I actually do decide to use it, it's too brittle; major heart break.

I have some very sad Letraset love stories. But it's better to have loved than not at all, right? Is that how the saying goes?

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p.s. This blog turned one year old over the weekend. Hip Hip Hooray!

p.p.s. I think the above type is actually from Chartpak... but I can't be sure.
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