Debi van Zyl


Last week we had a fairly sizeable earthquake... no damage, but scary nonetheless. The building that I live in has been standing since the 1920's so obviously it's solid enough to have survived this long. Some reassurance.
That said, the earthquake made me want to document my apartment as it is. You never know. I love this place, despite my mess and tendancy to move things about constantly. I'll probably be moving into a workspace soon with some friends and it will not look the same. And so, to start the documentation: a collage inspired by PLAN via 2 or 3 things. I would have liked to take some actual plan photos, but this will do for now.

And just to whet one's appetite for beautiful workspaces, below is a space we are considering.
My word...I could just sit in it all day and look out the windows.

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