Debi van Zyl


I love all the potted plants at R's place and here are some images from above from the past weekend. That was sunday... things have changed a little bit, meaning there is one less plant.

First some background: there is a certain squirrel that likes to take a bite out of everything; he's a taster of sorts, a succulent and cacti gourmet, and there are little bite-size holes in a lot of the plants. I am not sure how he gets past some of the spines, but it's pretty amazing that nothing deters him from chewing everything spikey. This squirrel drives R crazy. I get a little chuckle out of him now and then, mostly because I'm actually impressed by his eating habits.

That said, he has now crossed a line. His appetite has grown considerably and he has eaten an entire beloved plant; one that I had been eyeing at the California Cactus Center for months, and one which they have finally and successfully propograted and put on sale.

And so, to say the least, it is no more. I would have taken better photos of it had I known it had only days left.
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