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My sister is moving to Australia next week! I'm so excited for her... though selfishly also excited for myself and all the Australian magazines I'm going to make her send to me :)

Artichoke is one of my favorites.

Seriously though, after having lived and studied in Melbourne for only a measly 6 months, I fell in love with the city and the continent. I tried to travel through the country as much as I could in the little time that I had, and I still talk about how much my travels (particularly to Western Australia) changed me.

It really is a fascinating continent, geologically and culturally. The one thing that continues to blow my mind is that the population of the State of California is approximately 36 million people. The entire country of Australia (which is roughly the same size of, though a little smaller than, the United States) has about 21 million inhabitants.

That's my kind of place. Fewer people... more empty space.

{hmm... got a little side tracked there from the nice magazines, didn't I? Oh well.... to continue what I started off trying to say: Australia has got some great design going on and some fabulous publications to match...}
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