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I'm on Hamilton Island with my sister. We are unfortunately stuck inside because of extremely heavy wind and rain. Believe me, I would not be on the computer otherwise.

On the bright side, I can finish my tag from What Possessed Me: upload the fourth picture from the forth folder of images on my computer, and describe it. Before I even started, I wondered what kind of random photo would come up and if I'd have anything to even say about it. Lo and behold, the image actually means quite a lot to me.

It is an image taken standing outside of the textile studio/workshop at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Last February I went to Holland to visit the school. I had applied to the Masters Programme and was asked to come for an interview. I went, toured the school, had my interview, and was accepted all in one jet-lagged day.

The feeling of being accepted was incredible and I never would have thought that I'd even hesitate at the change to go. But the more I thought about it and my career and my interests, going back to school started to make less and less sense.

I decided to defer my acceptance for one year, and this past January the question of "to go or not to go," came up again. After some very long and not-so-easy talks with myself I decided, once and for all, not to accept.

So... this image haunts me a little. In my rational mind, I know I made the right choice. Though there is still a little part of me that asks, what if?

I haven't looked through this 'Fourth Folder' for a while now. I think I've been trying avoid it. And so, actually, this is quite cathartic.

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