Debi van Zyl


I wear very little jewelry. I can't stand things on my wrists; watches never, bracelets rarely.
Rings sometimes, but never continually.

I just don't like things on me. I'm not an accessorizer.

I have two exceptions:

earrings: they have to be very simple, any size, but extremely simple. R recently bought me a pair of these.... I can't imagine anything more perfect for my ear.

necklaces: oddly, they have be different and bold. A simple chain or little pendant won't suffice. If I'm going to wear a necklace it's going to be big; it's all or nothing.

That said, I wish I had the balls to wear the one I saw on Etsy today. It's so awesome you don't even have to be wearing clothes.

Unless you need to go outside... and it's winter. But it's sort of like a scarf anyway.

[by kjoo, someome I've been lusting over for a while]
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