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I started to get really stressed this morning after thinking about all the things I need to do vs. all the things I want to do. Perhaps I found my answer: check myself in at the Sanitarium.

I need and want to go. Perfect.

Just one look at the these little succulents in the bathroom is enough to calm me; imagine what seeing them in person would be like. Or better yet, I could just get my own little collection going. I've got loads of mismatched drinking glasses that have just found their calling.

{image via Remodelista}

p.s. This what I mean.... I just read this post over again, and lo and behold, just realized that I added another little project that falls under the "want" category. The needs and the wants have really been battling it out these past few weeks. I want my work to be want to do, instead of need to do.

Sigh.... back to square one.
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