Debi van Zyl


"The simplicity of the naked bulb is hard to compete with."
-Michael Young

Kind of sort of completely have to agree with that.

Especially these simple silicone beauties by Mattias Stahlbom, for TAF. And if my fairy godmother is reading this, I would like one in yellow. Actually make that 30... I would like 30 in yellow.

These lights make me want to clean my desk off by shoving everything onto the floor, dramatically sweeping back the hair over my eyes (I recently cut my hair and it's sort of cramping my style), letting out a great sigh of relief, and getting back to zero.

I forget that I love simplicity, in form, process, and material. I need to remember that when I'm working, both for 'work' and for my own projects.

Note to self: stop over thinking things.

{images from I.D. magazine and muuto}
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