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So... it's Friday night, I'm working feverishly towards a deadline for Monday morning. I will be working tomorrow and Sunday too. It's full steam ahead. June has been an extraordinarily busy month for me with work. And I still have 4 days to go before the sweet relief of July.

{read: there have been many of late nights, early mornings, pots of coffee and self-administered pep talks}

As you can imagine, I've needed lots of second-winds; coffee and green tea (thanks CG) are getting sort of old. I am happy to report that I've found the new "wake me up": hot little peppers. HOT little peppers.

goodbye caffeine, hello mouth pain. But oh so tasty mouth pain!

(dear blog: I'm tired... and, yes I realize this post was about peppers, of all things. I'm a little loopy, ok?)
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