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I have to admit that I've been feeling completely uninspired these last few weeks, not quite bored of my work and my asethetic, but something very close to that. Unsatisfied? It's time for a change but I have no clue in which direction to start off.

I've been bombarding myself with as many images and words as I can to try to jump start something in my creative brain, nothing has quite stuck. It's just been a constant stream of colors, and shapes and textures, but everything's been feeling rather flat.

This morning, finally, I think I stumbled onto something...

It began by looking at Home: Where they Create, a visual document of people's creative environments by Paul Barbera (found via hello sandwich). And of course, given how magnetic these work/live spaces are I drifted off through the links and arrived at ijm's string gardens.

A sigh of relief... it reminds me that I've been wanting to get my hands dirty. I'm not sure how yet, but I want the remnants of a day's work under my fingernails. I've been saying I want to ditch the old computer for a while now, maybe it's time?

{wish I was in Amsterdam, ijm had an open house this weekend!}
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