Debi van Zyl


I didn't realize it but a bean was left in the sink drain for a day or two under the plug, and when I finally realized and pulled it out, it was full of life.

I remember in school, maybe Grade 1 or 2, when we had to cultivate plants that we germinated from various seeds. I can't tell you how many beans I sprouted in between two pieces of wet cotton wool on a little saucer in the window of my bedroom. Not only is the process of growing this little bean nostalgic, but to have found this little guy sprouting on his own in the sink without sunlight is amazing!

It reminded me of a image I saw a while back on flickr by olivelife... plants in an ice tray. Genius.

I think my little bean is destined for a similar future, along with a few other beans and seeds I've got going on the side.
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