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We went camping with a full moon in Death Valley and Panamint Valley a week ago.

I collected a few bits and bobs from the trip, including the wasp's nest that was built, but abandoned, on the inside of the car door.

And now... back to work.

These are my wishesfor myself for the year ahead:
- less time behind the computer, more time making.
- less starving artist routine, more well-fed artist routine. If you have tips for how to make this happen, do let me know.
- less being on the land, more being in the water
- less wishing...more doing

Ok... I'm ready.

January, here I come.

{note: I would have said 2010 here I come, but really, let's be realistic... one step at time. I'm already loading up my plate with goals, might as well ease into it, no?}

oh I forgot to add this: feet first blog (via made in england).
Their feet and the backgrounds remind me that I would like to travel more.

But's sort of a given, right?

{note no. 2: Just in case this post looks a little different to you, I switched out the top image... it was bugging me all last night. I like this new one better.}
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