Debi van Zyl


This picture made me smile. I love Cameroon too!

When I was living in Melbourne during the 2000 summer Olympics I went to see a soccer (excuse me, football) match between Cameroon and Chile. Everyone in the stadium, it seemed, was cheering on Chile who was presumed to the better of the two(?). I don't know my sports facts, but that was my assumption from the crowds and the cheers.

Of course, I love the underdog, almost without exception... and lo and behold Cameroon won the match, and even went on to win the gold. I loved that moment in Melbourne, it was such a dramatic match, no goals until the last few minutes and Cameroon shut out Chile. I was so proud, you'd think I was from Cameroon.

Sigh.... Wish I was in SA to see some matches.

p.s. my secret inner soccer fan will be emerging in the next two months. She comes out every 4 years during the World Cup. I have another secret inner hockey fan buried deep, but this one emerges only when the Canucks are in the Stanley Cup. As you can see, I'm not very committed, but you wouldn't know that seeing me shout at the TV during these times.

{image via yayeveryday!}