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I'm gearing up for a proper website, or rather a redesign on my existing one. I'm trying to figure out a way to merge my 'professional' work with my 'crafted' work. So far I've been separating the two, and I've started to realize that they need to be combined.

How does one combine knitted beasts with exhibition design/architecture and graphics and environmental signage, you ask? I don't have the answer for that... yet. But I will!

I'm also wondering if I should use an online program like indexhibit or squarespace, or start from scratch, obviously with the help of someone. As I ponder these big questions, I admit I'm having a lot of fun browsing other sites for reference, window shopping if you will. Yesterday I stumbled upon typefields. The site is clear and simple, but what I love the most is the opening image, shown above.

{note to self: start off with something beautiful}

stay tuned for developing website info... and please share advice if you have any!

p.s. did you see SA in the game against Mexico today?!? Woo hoo World Cup!
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