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I'd like to be this lady on a bike.

My secret bike obsession is growing daily.... It's something I'm not going to be able to ignore for much longer. And just to taunt me, our new studio is exactly 1 mile from the house, perfect for biking. After all the hours, days, and years that I've put into my long career of commuting in Los Angeles, it feel likes like a luxury to have options.

We're in the foothills of Los Angeles and the studio is fairly far away from the majority of my clients who are in the "city" so I can't get out of driving completely. But... one of my New Year's resolutions is to stop driving to work on days I don't have to go somewhere other than the studio.

Actually, let me start again... the first resolution should be to get a bike. (I used to have one, but the sad truth of it is that I drove over it by mistake with my car and killed it. That is another story entirely, but it should be noted that I do not own a bicycle at the moment).

Second resolution should be to cut down on the driving.

Third resolution should be to get shirts with heart cut-outs in the back so I can be this cute on a bike on the way to work.

Hmm... 2011 is sounding pretty fun so far, if you ask me.

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