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Meet Arrow.

He's the reason I've not been here in a while... Since we picked him up last week from Karen, every single subsequent minute of our lives has happily gone into raising this puppy: eating, snuggling, peeing, pooping, playing, sleeping.... repeat. He's an absolute handful, but also the most wonderful little thing ever in whole wide world.

Of course.

It's been really nice this last week as we're off work and staying home more than usual. And when we do leave, we've been taking Arrow everywhere we go. The second half of our Christmas was a trip to Santa Barbara and on our way home we stopped at the beach.

My heart m.e.l.t.e.d watching him meet more people, other dogs and discover the waves. I'm so proud of my little guy.

I could go on and on about little Arrow, so to keep it short, he is:
- insanely energetic (no surprise: he is a Vizsla and a puppy)
- ridiculously handsome
- not yet grown into the size of his limbs and falls over everything
- an amazing sound machine (howling is loudest, but he can also do some crazy sounds in his sleep)
- a snuggle machine; there's a reason they say call Vizslas velcro dogs
- so warm when he falls alseep on one of us. I call him my little Hungarian electric blanket.
- my favorite dog ever.
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