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I know it's a poor excuse, BUT would you believe it????... my puppy ate my blog!

It's certainly believable... he eats everything in sight. Or at least tries too. I am really good at sticking my hand down his throat to pull out god-knows-what. Doesn't even phase me anymore. I don't mind though. He's worth it. I love him to bits and pieces, and then some.

My days are flipped; I work at night now (when I can muster up the energy) and take care of Arrow in the day. Its pretty hard to get any serious work done in 2 hour stretches here and there. R takes over at night when I need to head to the studio.

Sure, he's a dog... easy enough to say, but really, I think there's a little human baby hiding inside of him... that's how demanding it is to raise this puppy.

My goal of training him to be a studio-dog is going to take a while. A studio full of yarn, fabric, paper scraps, and delicious little tidbits I find here and there amount to an all-you-can-eat buffet for a puppy.... suffice it to say, this is no place for Arrow while he has this appetite. So while I wait for the studio-dog of my dreams and train this little guy, and if you don't know them already, take a look at some other really great blogs that inspire me get back to blogging:

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