Debi van Zyl


My very dear and talented friend Catherine has started making jewelry. And just in time, because not only have I a lost a few pairs of earrings lately (I'm so mad!) but I'm also just bored with the little jewelry that I have. She had a sale last night and I now own a pair of earrings that I love so much, I can't stop wearing them, even though I was in my pajamas all day. (Top pic, lower left, the ones with the triangle cut outs)

In addition to creating organic shapes mostly out of brass, she uses a lot of industrial pieces, like copper pipe fittings, or washers and she hand paints them with enamel paint or dips them in rubber. I love the colors, the art deco bold shapes, and simplicity of the industrial pieces coupled with the delicate chains. I'm so excited to see more! And I'm wondering if I can sleep in my new earrings...
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