Debi van Zyl



I'm counting down!! 2 days until I reopen the online store! I'm so excited for the  shop to have a new look and I'm more than happy to be rolling out some new beasts.

Instead of reopening on Etsy, I've decided to move locations, to bigcartel. While I am excited for the move, the decision came with a heavy heart, as I've been with Etsy since 2007. It was the first place I sold anything online, so there is, of course, a sense of loyalty and early Etsy nostalgia (it's amazing how it has grown and changed since I first joined!). For me, however, 6 years later, it is time for a change.

For now I have some familiar goods, like Beast Pillows, smaller beasts, and cards. But I also have some other tricks up my sleeve and will be rolling these out as I make them. I hope you enjoy!

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