Debi van Zyl


sea chair

I'm working on project called Project Clean Water, another project that deals with the health of our oceans, and while researching I came across The Sea Chair: a chair made entirely from plastic floating in our oceans.

"The Sea Chair Project has been created by Studio Swine and Kieren Jones as a response to the issue of growing levels of waste plastic in our oceans. Merging craft, industry and design the project looks to harness the struggling fishing industry to produce a series of chairs created from plastic collected at sea.


The first Sea Chair, launched at Milan Design Week 2012, was produced with plastic collected from Porthowan Beach in the UK with the help of the custom made Sea Press."

I love the little tag on the chair, though when you look more closely and understand what it's telling you, it's actually quite alarming. It describes the geographic location of where all the plastic was collected, or rather harvested. They collect the sea plastic with through a Nurdler, the odd-looking hand-operate contraption above, which works like a sluice to separate out the mircoplastic bits (nurdles).

Studio Swine has got some pretty interesting stuff going on.... take a look at their São Paolo Collection which also transforms waste materials into everyday items. My favorite is the pendant light made from glass bottles that have been reheated and reblown! Awesome.