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dillon marshall + can i make this?

Beautiful images of mobile phone towers disguised as trees. {via FastCompany Co.Exist}

We have our fair share of these in LA, but based on these images I would say that South Africa's mobile phone foliage is much more creative than ours! For better or worse. I can only recall a few bedraggled palms along the 405. Or maybe they've gotten better at disguising them and I don't even seem the towers now? What an odd language we're adding to our everyday visual vocabulary.

On another note... have you ever wondered what it takes to make a canoe from scratch? I have [Side bar: I have this gene that makes me ask myself, all the time, "wait... can I make that?" I became aware of this gene after I made my first loaf of bread over a decade ago, and now it rears its head with pretty much everything]. And after canoeing down the Colorado River in 2010 in an aluminum canoe (which had its advantages, ie: it's very light) canoes have been on mind ever since. While the answer is clearly: No; I cannot make a canoe, I still love seeing this process.

I can feel this inner frenzy happening in me; I need get my hands dirty, splintered, or dyed, or chaffed, or something. Something besides knitting needles and a keyboard. After weeks and weeks of endless deadlines of computer drawings and graphics and knitting beast pillows, my hands literally itch for a new material and process.

Though not at all at the scale of a canoe, I think I might take one of these classes: I'm thinking wooden utensils! Wooden canoe from scratch vs. wooden spoon from scratch... seems like distant cousins, right??

Speaking of making things from scratch, this past weekend Andrea (thank you, Cinco de Mayo) made delicious tortillas. And now I can never buy store-bought-sealed-in-a-bag tortillas again. Ever. Following her lead, it's fresh handmade tortillas from now on!  Can I make tortillas from scratch? YES I can! And you can too. All you need is 2 cups of masa harina, 1-1/3 cups water, mix well and roll into golf ball sized balls, and press. Then put in a bare pan on high heat and flip after 15 seconds or so. You can also press by hand. But then I think you'd want to cook each side a little longer.

Seriously. People. Make your own tortillas.
Then maybe some wooden utensils? .... And then a canoe!

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