Debi van Zyl


mobile no. 1

Lots of overlapping deadlines lately and I'm getting really tired of staring into this computer screen, day in and day out. So many things on my personal "to-make" list just have to wait. Handmade, what? Who?

Except this mobile. I rewarded myself with a couple hours of pure play in between two big deadlines. I felt a little naughty, to be honest; I should have been doing so many other things to prep for the next deadline, but really, I just wanted to wrap some twigs in yarn. So I did.

And I gave myself two hours to ignore the computer (ok maybe it was more like 3, but who's counting?). I've been collecting twigs for just this purpose for weeks, and have been working on a larger mobile, though it's taking me forever, so this small exercise-experiment was just want I needed to recharge. And now, back behind the computer screen again for the foreseeable future.

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