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And with each new year, a new set of resolutions...right? To be honest, I don't think I've ever have success with any sort of New Year's Resolution, so now I don't actually make them. That's not to say that I don't strive to work on things (myself, my career, my environment, my relationships) throughout the year and have varied amounts of success, it just means that I don't assign the task at the start of the year.

Not surprisingly, the internet is currently flooded with articles and tips on how to keep New Years Resolutions, how to amp up your productivity, how to lose weight, quit smoking, take public transportation more often, how to train for that marathon, be a nicer person, etc. And my eyes start to glaze over. And then I saw this: Mem:o.

Being a visual person, I am instantly drawn to this app and, of course, being a sucker for clean design and pretty colors, my resolution NOT to make any resolutions is quickly fading. If feel the need to track my own data (something, anything!) just so I can churn out a pretty info graphic that is unique to me! I mean, I already track my projects with this handy graph, maybe I need to move onto circles...

I think App Saga says it best: "Mem:o is a fantastic journaling and data capturing tool that will visualize various categories for you and the data you put into them. Whether it’s how much money you’re spending on coffee, how much time you’re sleeping, or whatever, you’ll be able to place the data into the app and Mem:o will give you a read out in various graphs and charts. Each visualization is gorgeously designed and rendered, making any design savvy person drool with excitement."

I am guilty of drooling.

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