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I am a believer is using all parts of an animal when butchering. Does that mean you will find me eating sweetbreads, testicles or brain? No, not exactly, but I am all for minimizing waste and being respectful of the animals we kill for food.
The same applies when I make beasts!

I've gotten better about not shrinking my own sweaters, so I turn to local thrift stores for my materials to make The New Recycles beasts. Every time I take scissors to a perfectly good sweater, I experience major guilt.
To right the injustice of killing sweaters, I try to use all parts.
Nose to tail. Neckline to hem.

Take, for example, these glow worms. They are made from the teeny bits and pieces I have left over from various beasts projects. I have heaps and heaps of scraps of sweaters, cardigans, and scarves that I cannot bring myself to throw out. What I can't sew into a creature, I use for additional stuffing for the beast pillows.

The glow worms started off as an experiment, and as it turns out I really like them! I have little scraps of this awesome fluorescent sweater (hats off to the person who bought it and wore it in public, wow!) that I felt compelled to reuse. But such tiny scraps, what to do? A glow worm butt, of course!

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