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It's been a really busy last couple of weeks! I feel like I'm finally coming up for some air. I've been super busy with museum work, all the while trying to stay on top of making new beasts and other things for the store. On top of that, I was asked to design and make some wedding invitations, and I just finished assembling them yesterday and put them in the mail. Phew!

This past long-weekend felt like the biggest push yet, at least in a long while. What a difference one extra day makes when you're strapped for time.


I love these invitations. They are based on a very similar design that I did for my dear friends and their Joshua Tree wedding
a few years ago. It reminds me that I need to add the other wedding stationary I've done over the years to the website.
Note to self.

And this also happened this weekend:

Two new beasts added to the growing brood that I'll list soon in the shop. I am in desperate need to update the store! I have a few more beasts to make/finish... so I'll be sewing and knitting the next few evenings. If you want to get the newsletter notifying when the new beasts are available, sign up here!

And finally, a I cranked out a bit more work on the beast book. I'm almost finished and am proofing a half-size prototype before I go to final print. I'm excited to reveal the final product!


And now... back to my museum work.

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