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Having recently completed a wedding invitation design for a new client, I couldn't help but look back at my own wedding invitations from last year.

There is so much marketing out there for wedding everything/anything that when I first started planning, I was quickly overwhelmed. We decided to take a modest route and simplify. There was no question that I would design and print our invitations and that we would have a simple and unique ceremony and reception: a friend's house, a friend officiating, friends playing music, and a taco truck!


My husband and I are serious plant lovers. It was clear that plants would be a strong design theme. Los Angeles is lucky with its temperate climate and many of our favorite plants, including California natives and many Australian and South African natives, easily grow here. We took walks in our neighborhood and picked a few samples of what was growing at the time and photographed them for our "save the date" card and thank you notes. Other images I purchased online through image banks.

I've worked on a handful of wedding invitations, mostly for my friends, and it's always a fun process. I'll be adding a section to the website soon showing more examples of the custom invitations I've done.
Stay tuned!

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