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I believe this is common knowledge, but I'm going to say it again: packing up house is hard.

Our LA apartment is a small disaster area but a still-functioning office and studio, with things and boxes strewn all over the place. There are lots of piles: the garage sale pile, the "keep" pile, the "maybe" pile, the "what the hell is this? and where is the corresponding cable?" pile.

I've been burning the midnight oil and making beasts at night after I'm done with work and after I can't bare to look at packing boxes anymore. At least now the closet is empty. And it turns out to be the perfect place for beast storage! That is until they all get packed into boxes and loaded onto a truck in a week.

The online shop will remain sparse until our move to Smithville, TX is complete and I can properly photograph the beasts again and put them up in the shop. Currently our couch is under a mountain of stuff making it hard to pose the beast pillows in all their couch-potato goodness. I'm also planning to get a lot of knitting done on our 3-day road trip in the moving truck so there will be a Beast Pillow No. 164 or two ready at the end of the rainbow!

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