Debi van Zyl


LATELY . . .

I've been immersed in a project for Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. I'm redesigning their
Children's Gallery and we're making a kelp forest!

I get pretty excited when I can apply my love of textiles and sewing to an exhibit I'm working on. Here, the floor-to-ceiling kelp forest is going to be custom laser cut felt by Filzfelt and the fish will be printed on fabric. I will then sew and stuff the printed fish so that we can have 3-dimensional creatures hiding in the kelp forest.

Today I'm testing out my fish patterns/templates and checking sizes before we go to print, and I'm just loving the colors and variety of sea life in the kelp forests off the coast of California. I haven't gone scuba diving in a while, but this project brings back vivid memories of my California diving days!

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