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I got a really nice email other day from a longtime customer Adrienne Classen of Kids Count Pediatrics. Over the years, she's filled her pediatric office with lots of my beasts as well as  other independent artists' creations and creatures.

She shared a link to the video highlighting their fundraising efforts to build a new building and upon watching it I realize just how much Adrienne has supported independent artists... just take a look all the wonderful creatures in the video! I love this playful and colorful environment they've created, as well as their mission. Also check out their Facebook page.

A few of the beasts I knitted can be seen around 2:18 into the video. It made me curious about those beasties from yesteryear, so I went through my beast images and bios and read up on the ones that now live at Kids Count Pediatrics.


And oh my, what a laugh! I forgot about these little personalities I created.
Going left to right, top to bottom:

Odette likes salted cashews, warm olives and she's currently cultivating a taste for blue cheese.
Her musical tastes vary, but she likes to sing along to pretty much anything...
whether she knows the lyrics or not.

Joost & Piet: Being Joost's uncle, Piet will take him to do things his mum prefers not to see,
like going fast on a unicycle downhill.

Marieke & Fredrika love to eat ice cream on cold days and sit up front when going for a ride
in the car,though they do prefer to travel via bicycle basket.

Octavio: He likes to take a bath in the kitchen sink of all places and prefers the water to be cold.
Wash him by hand, give him a good book to read, and let him dry out on a towel,
and you will have a happy Octavio. His favorite meal is lamb chops for dinner.

Antoine Bloojeraph: loves pumpkin pie and will eat a whole pie if you're not careful.

The Triplets love to ride on people's shoulders and they like play the xylophone together.
Their favorite meal is breakfast, whereupon they prefer to have ice cream.

Alice is a quite personality, and just likes to sit with you. She will laugh at all your jokes and
keep you company on long drives or plane rides.

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