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I splurged a bit these last two days. Yesterday I bought this clock for the kitchen.
And today I bought this rug.

I know... the styles are sort of at odds.
But they pretty much sum up my personal style, so I'm running with it.

I've been hunting for a rug for the bathroom for a while, and nothing was quite right. And it finally occurred to me this morning that a round rug might solve our problems. On a whim, I showed it to Mr. D thinking he'd give me a huge eye roll and say, "Really?". But to my surprise he loved it! All the other rugs in the house have patterns that are very geometric and graphic, so this is a bit of a departure for us, but I'm very excited. I think this will look awesome in this kooky little house of ours.

This clock is a much needed addition to the kitchen and is seriously swoon-worthy, in my opinion. Plywood clock handmade in Japan. Need I say more?

In a few days I drive back to Los Angeles where I'll stay for 2 months to finish up a big project. I am sad to leave our little home as I am totally smitten with being a country mouse. But I'm looking forward to coming back to Springtime in Texas as well as a new clock and rug with a big bird on it!

Next time I write, I'll be back in sunny Los Angeles.

My very first blog post ever was about a clock.
Way back when in 2007! Apparently I'm very picky about clocks.

The rug arrived while I was in LA and it got the BIG thumbs down from the Mister, and was subsequently returned.
The search continues.

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