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It took me 3 days to drive from Smithville to Los Angeles. I was reluctant to leave and on the first day I got a late start. But all went well, and here I am again in sunny Los Angeles. After 16 years living here, it feels a bit weird being a visitor... more on that another time. 

It was day 2 of the drive and I was in La Cruces, NM when I decided to hell with the direct route and I set off on an adventure.


My favorite detour of the drive: White Sands National Monument. Wow, what a landscape! White gypsum-dust dunes. It's quite spectacular. And alien.

The dunes are constantly moving and swallow up yucca plants as they go. The light and reflections are blinding, even on a cloudy day. The little corrugated metal shade structures in the picnic area seem plopped down from the sky in between these white talcum-soft dunes. It's so odd.

I love it. I love these sorts of extremes.

I am reminded just how amazing this continent is. I feel lucky to be able to visit places like this.

Needless to say,  I'm already planning my detours for the trip home.

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