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I'm still working in Los Angeles but flew home to Smithville, TX for a much needed break and recharge. When I left in early March it was right after we had an ice storm and the trees where completely bare.

I came home to find all the Post Oak trees heavy with leaves, a yard covered in tiny wildflowers, lady bugs doin' it, and Mr. D building a raised bed next to the compost pile. To protect what we grow from hungry critters (I'm looking at you, rabbits and gophers), he's building a caged raised bed, decked out in wire mesh on the bottom and sides. We'll also add some netting on top to provide a bit of shade this Summer and protect from the birds who might want in on the action. We're starting off small with just one bed; we'll see how it goes and then add more as we get the hang of it. It's all very exciting... our first real garden!

Last night we had this incredible storm (incredible for me since we don't get these sorts of storms in Los Angeles, but Mr. D, having grown up in Texas, was unphased) that lit up the sky with lots of dry lighting and sudden torrential downpours, starting as quickly as they stopped. We were sitting outside with a fire going and could watch the storm move in closer to us, flashes of light getting stronger and stronger. We have a corrugated metal roof and, for me, the sound of heavy rain drumming on the roof is amazing. I feel like a kid again, excited by and nervous of thunder and lightning, wondering if (hoping?) we'll loose power. I remember thunderstorms like this growing up in South Africa, but it's been decades since I've experienced one.

I'm heading back to California in a couple of days to finish up work, and I already can't wait to get back home in May. Having picked up after 16 years in one city certainly brings its challenges, but not once has it felt like moving was the wrong thing to do. And seeing the garden starting off and getting reacquainted with our beautiful surroundings brings so much delight. I'm definitely heading back to LA recharged and re-energized.

No sooner did I write this post when a new storm blew in out of nowhere. Sunny and raining.
I grew up calling this a monkey's wedding.
And then, like nothing I've seen before hail the size of golf balls! I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty scary. That corrugated roof I mentioned earlier? It sounds a lot different with big pieces of ice hitting it.

I think in another life I was a meteorologist.
Or maybe in a future life, I will be a meteorologist. The Weather never ceases to amaze me.
I am that guest at the dinner party who actually wants to talk about the weather.

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