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The rains last week in Texas were bad. We are lucky that we are not near a large body of water. And while our yard flooded, we are lucky that our little house is on an incline where water drains away from us.

We had some inconveniences, like the power going out, like part of the road washing out, like our septic tank flooding, but all in all, that is nothing compared to the harder hit areas and we are fine.

We did, unfortunately lose one our dear cats, Fearless (top right) and our other little furry love, Patches (bottom left), was bitten by a snake, though she is doing well and back to normal. With all the rain, we started to see a lot of snakes in yard. Little Fearless disappeared the day Patches was bitten.

Looking on the brighter side, there are even more amazing wildflowers covering the pastures around our house. I stood and watched the sunset as the last storm was rolling out, and the light the sky throws at you after it's just about swept you away, is surreal. And the clouds! We took a walk down the road to survey the damage and in amongst all the debris are the bright flowers, and our vegetable garden, which I thought would get battered, is like, "storm? what storm?"
And we still have our Patches.

In other news... beasts!

This shot was taken in one of motels I stayed at during my drive back from Los Angeles to Smithville last month. Yes, I lugged my sewing machine half way across the country. I was able to visit my favorite thrift store in LA and pick up some real goodies! I've got lots of material, just don't have a lot of time. My work schedule opens up in July, which means [drum roll....]
I'll be stocking up the stop and taking orders again!

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