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Last month I was invited rework a Modernica Case Study chair as part of the 2017 AIGA LA Awards' silent auction. It took some time for the embroidery detailing to come to life, but right away I knew I was going to drill a ton of holes into the shell.

Over 700 hundred holes later, I started the pattern and color tests. Lots of trial and error, ripping out stitches and restitching. Of course the back was very interesting!

I had to fight the urge to embroider the whole thing and in the end opted for less is more. I called the chair Candy Constellations.

Above photo credits: Aaron Gleen, Susanica Tam. All others by Debi van Zyl.

I wasn't able to attend the event at the Millwick, but it looked like a lovely evening! And I love seeing my chair among the other great chairs that were up for auction. Thanks AIGA LA!


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