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Beast Pillow No. 278

Beast Pillow No. 278


One of a kind, and ready to ship!

This Beast Pillow is part of The New Recycles family, creatures born from once-loved sweaters and scarves and old buttons.

This Beast was born into a family of cardigans, namely a teal cotton-nylon-spandex blend and a magenta cotton cardigan. He gets his stripes from a distant relative, a nylon-rayon pullover.

He is quite shy so don't be surprised if it takes him a while to come around. Having some Rolos (his favorite candy) at the ready certainly won't hurt. He was once a champion at shot put and still enjoys to throw the odd thing around, so just keep an eye on him.

He measures 14" wide and he is 18" long (approx. 36 cm x 48 cm). If you include his legs, he measures 29" long (74 cm).

*Buttons are a choking hazard for young children. This pillow is NOT recommended for children under 3 years without supervision and should NEVER be kept in a crib.

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