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Beast Pillow No. 280

Beast Pillow No. 280


One of a kind, and ready to ship!

This Beast Pillow is part of The New Recycles family, creatures born from once-loved sweaters and scarves and old buttons.

His father was an orange cardigan (merino wool, cashmere, rabbit hair and rayon) and his mother was a grey wool turtle neck I accidentally shrunk years ago! Traces of his ancestors include a turquoise wool jumper, striped wool and cotton V-neck and a thick-knit wool sweater.

He comes off as serious, but this Beast is quite the comedian. With deadpan delivery he'll have you in stitches. His favorite food is black licorice and if he had his way he'd have it for every meal, but one has to practice a little restraint. Supplement with oatmeal and broccoli as necessary.

One of the largest Beasts, he measures 13" wide and he is 22" long (approx. 33 cm x 56 cm). If you include his legs, he measures 33" long (84 cm).

*Buttons are a choking hazard for young children. This pillow is NOT recommended for children under 3 years without supervision and should NEVER be kept in a crib.

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